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Here at Dial Plumbing and Heating, we are dedicated to ensuring your central heating system works efficiently, and heats your home effectively. As plumbers in Twickenham, we have the experience necessary to install your central heating system to a high standard, and ensure that it is designed to be as cost-effective and environmentally friendly as possible.

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 As heating engineers and plumbers in Twickenham we will make sure your central heating installation is of the highest quality, and will heat your home efficiently and effectively.

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Your central heating process

System design

Assessing the heating requirements of the property. Designing an efficient central heating system based on factors like size, insulation, and occupant preferences.

Boiler installation

Selecting an appropriate boiler based on the heating needs and efficiency requirements. Installing the boiler in a suitable location, ensuring proper ventilation and compliance with safety regulations.

Radiator installation

Determining the optimal placement and size of radiators for each room. Installing radiators, including the connection of pipes and control valves.

Pipework installation

 Laying out the piping network to connect the boiler to the radiators and other heating components. Ensuring proper insulation of pipes to maximise energy efficiency.

Thermostat and controls installation

Installing thermostats and controls for efficient temperature regulation. Integrating smart heating controls if required, allowing users to manage the system remotely.

Power flushing

Conducting power flushing to remove debris and sludge from the central heating system, improving efficiency and preventing damage.

Pressure testing

Performing pressure tests to ensure the integrity of the central heating system and identify any leaks.


Testing the entire system to ensure proper functionality. Adjusting controls and settings to optimise performance and efficiency.

Safety checks and compliance

Conducting safety checks to ensure that the installation complies with industry regulations and standards. Providing necessary documentation and certification to the homeowner.





Servicing and Maintenance

We offer ongoing servicing and maintenance to keep the central heating system running efficiently. Addressing any issues or malfunctions that may arise over time.

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